Controls: Arrow keys, Z and X to select in the menus

Retail opening times wait for no man! (or wizard!)

Play as a young wizard's apprentice, tasked with shelving various tomes on their respective shelves before Wizard Books Inc. opens up for the day. Keep an eye on the clock, but beware though, the shelves magically move so you'll have to be quick. Three different difficulties, high scores, fanciful magical surroundings, sound effects, menu screens, and an entire 16 note song! 

Created for and during the SDC May Day game jam, I decided to go it solo to improve my Pico 8 prowess. In Pico 8, I focused on learning how to use maps, how to manage game states, and UI. 

Collaborators: Me, myself, and I. @Harrison-Bolin


magicbookshop.p8.png 15 kB

Install instructions

Below is the Pico-8 cart which can be downloaded and run within the Pico-8 fantasy console!

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